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Rodney Ave. Pump Station - FTSA

Franklin Township Sewerage Authority


The FTSA currently has nine connections to New Brunswick's Mile Run Interceptor, which are not metered nor quality monitored. The Mile Run interceptor was jointly constructed by New Brunswick and North Brunswick in 1958 within the Mile Run Stream corridor. The Mile Run interceptor tributary areas consist of approximately 27.8 square miles. The interceptor serves North Brunswick, Milltown, Franklin Township and New Brunswick. The FTSA drainage area contributory to the Mile Run Interceptor is approximately 1.75 square miles.

The new Rodney Avenue Pump Station and force mains will remove sanitary wastewater flow from three of the nine FTSA to Mile Run Interceptor connections.


This project is the second of several projects being undertaken by the FTSA to redirect flow from the interconnections. As part of this project, three (3) of the existing nine (9) interconnections which currently flow into the Mile Run Interceptor will be removed by reconstructing and re-routing portions of the Oakbrook Place, the DeRouse Brook and the Hawthorne Drive sewers. Additional gravity sewers will be installed to connect the reconstructed sewers to the proposed Rodney Avenue Pump Station. The Rodney Avenue Pump Station and its force mains will be constructed to move the flow to the existing School Avenue Pump Station force main for transfer to the existing MCUA meter chamber located near Landing Lane.

This project will provide the ability to meter and monitor the flow collected by the FTSA sewage collection system currently tributary to the Mile Run Interceptor by pumping that flow to the FTSA's existing MCUA meter chamber. T

In addition to the three connections to the Mile Run Interceptor discussed above, the station is designed to pump the flow from three (3) other existing Mile Run connections: Somerset Street, Brookline Avenue and Hamilton Street. These connections will be diverted to the proposed Rodney Avenue Pump Station during future projects through the construction of two new pump stations: Somerset Street Pump Station and Hamilton Street Pump Station.