Awards » 2020 » Failing Septic System Eliminated in Aberdeen Township

Failing Septic System Eliminated in Aberdeen Township

New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers (NJSME)
2020 Award Winner 

Cutoff geographically from the rest of the Township of Aberdeen, the Woodfield Section was not serviced by a Municipal Wastewater Collection System.
Existing soils conditions presented very low permeability. As a result, residents in this 70-year-old community had reported septic failures for over 30 years.

Failure of the septic systems had become a primary health concern for the affected residents often resulting in costly repairs and frequent pumping of their septic tanks due to the septic discharge not adequately percolating into the soils.

In order to protect the interests of its Citizens, the Township turned to Michael McClelland PE, to develop the solution.
The project included the installation of a "new" sanitary sewerage collection system, pump station, and force main discharge.
The design also included the replacement of the existing water distribution system and reconstruction of all of the roadways.