Awards » 2020 » Harbor Road Water Treatment Plant, Township of Marlboro

Harbor Road Water Treatment Plant, Township of Marlboro

New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers (NJSME)
2020 Award Winner!

The Township realized the need to address the aging Harbor Road Water Treatment Plant. The existing facility was over 40 years old and had exceeded its useful life.
The new plant was designed and built adjacent to the existing facility, therefore it was constructed in a manner that did not disrupt the water supply to customers during construction.

Filter controls are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) located in the Control Room. The PLC automatically starts and stops the well pumps based on the water system demand and the required number of filters are activated in order to treat the required water.
Filter backwash waste is directed to 2 new 300,000-gallon backwash holding tanks. The existing sludge lagoons were also rehabilitated as part of this project.
The filtered water is chemically fed and after treatment, the finished water is directed into the water system for distribution to customers.