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Apple Orchard Lane Solar Complex

County of Middlesex

1. Work done by CME Associates:
- Feasibility study to review existing electrical demands for project and determine possible locations for the installation of solar panels.
- Review of interconnection options to tie solar panels into existing County electrical system
- Preparation of detailed plans and specifications for installation of solar panels
- Assist Attorney with preparation of Power Purchase Agreement
- Oversee installation of solar panels

2. Miscellaneous facts concerning project:
- Allowed the County to reduce their electrical costs
- Power Purchase Agreement requires Solar Provider to finance, install, own, operate, and solar panels at no cost to County
- County pays Solar Provider reduced electric rate for energy produced by solar panels
- Contract executed for a period of 15 years
- Over 25,000 solar panels have been installed on the site
- The estimated energy savings to the County over the 15 year contract will be approximately $12.9 million

3. County buildings that will benefit from solar panel installation
- Adult Correctional Center
- Youth Detention Facility
- Shelter Alternate School
- Road Department Complex
- Central Vehicle Maintenance Garage
- Archives and Records Building
- Sheriff Substation

4. Approximately 6.9 Mega Watt of solar power provided at County