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Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex

Gloucester County Improvement Authority

Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex (GCSWC) includes a sanitary landfill, approximately 163 acres in extent and associated structures.
CME Associates was retained to provide engineering and environmental services as the Solid Waste Engineer of record to Gloucester County Improvement Authority (GCIA) for the sanitary landfill at the GCSWC.

CME Associates completed and continues to perform the following tasks to achieve and maintain compliance:
• Provide landfill engineering design services for the construction of a new cell (Cell#13), which is approximately 10.5 acres.
• Provided engineering and environmental services to the GCIA for the landfill operations, closure and post-closure activities including landfill perimeter and surface emissions monitoring for methane and monthly Landfill Gas (LFG) quality/flow measurements.
• Assisted GCIA with, Title V Air Pollution Control Operating Permit renewal, meeting compliance requirements associated with laboratory emissions testing on the flare inlet and related reporting to NJDEP.
• Preparation of the update for the Closure and Post-Closure Financial Plan.
• Evaluation of a program recommended by the previous consultant to take corrective actions and monitor the interior subsurface landfill gas temperatures
• NJPDES permit compliance assistance. Completed a statistical analysis of groundwater analytical data samples to identify statistically significant increases of targeted analytes in monitoring wells downgradient of the landfill over background concentrations. The analysis was completed in accordance with the requirements of a Groundwater Protection Program Plan (GWPP) prepared pursuant to 40 CFR 258.
• NJPDES permit compliance assistance. Performed a statistical analysis on stormwater analytical data associated with detention basins.
• Contract administration associated with refurbishment of landfill gas flare that included replacement of flare burner assembly, replacement of thermocouples, re-insulation of flare stack, and stack surface preparation/painting.
• Solid waste acceptance review. Completed an evaluation of potential adverse impacts associated with accepting C&D screenings for use as alternative daily cover (ADC), and for disposal at the GCSWC.