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Landfill Closure & Capping System

CME Associates provided engineering and environmental services to the City of Linden for the landfill closure and post-closure activities for the City of Linden Sanitary Landfill in Linden, New Jersey. CME provided Quality Assurance services for the landfill closure activities including final capping system, stormwater management system, and passive landfill gas system. In addition, CME Associates prepared the landfill Closure and Post-Closure Plans for the final landfill closure with environmental improvements which included a slurry wall and leachate collection system design for the City of Linden landfill which encompasses approximately 55 acres. The project also included the attainment of all applicable local and state permits.

CME Associates provided construction oversight services for the environmental improvements to the City of Linden landfill. This project involved the reviewing and approving construction materials, method's and contractor invoices, coordinating with regulatory agencies and the City, ensuring adherence to the project completion schedule, and certifying as a professional engineer that the construction was performed in accordance with the approved contract documents.

CME Associates developed construction bid documents for the environmental improvements to the City of Linden landfill. The improvements consisted of a soil-bentonite slurry wall, leachate collection line, wetlands mitigation, stormwater management system, groundwater monitoring wells, inclinometers, gas vents, and gas wells. This project involved assisting the client with coordination of the prospective bidders and addressing and clarifying requests received from the contractors related to the construction items. We also developed landfill expansion and closure alternatives for the City of Linden Landfill, which were presented to the NJDEP and provided basis for the vertical landfill expansion application. The project involved the design of vertical landfill expansion and closure plans along with environmental improvements for the City of Linden Landfill.

CME Associates designed landfill gas and control systems which are providing the City with landfill gas to energize development plans.