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Middlesex Logistics Center

Middlesex Logistics Center
CME Associates provided engineering and environmental services for the redevelopment of a portion of the ILR Landfill for a proposed 550,000 SF warehouse/office building including site environmental improvements, the landfill closure and post-closure activities, design of the final capping system, and landfill gas collection and conveyance system.

CME Associates conducted the Site Investigation and Remedial Investigation, prepared a Remedial Investigation Report, the Baseline Ecological Survey, an Environmental Impact Statement, a Remedial Action Workplan (RAW) for site redevelopment, and obtained NJDEP approval of the workplan. CME Associates prepared the Landfill Closure and Post-Closure Care Plan including the Financial Plan, a Fill Acceptance Protocol for approximately 500,000 cubic yards of imported fill materials and Processed Dredged Materials. CME Associates procured NJDEP environmental permits for the redevelopment including:

• Waterfront Development Permit
• Landill Closure and Post-Closure Plan
• Major Landfill Disruption Permit, and Closure and Post-Closure Financial Plan
• Remedial Action Workplan Approval

CME Associates designed a landfill gas extraction and control system. The NJDEP Subchapter 8 air permit applications for the gas collection and treatment system were prepared and the NJDEP approval was obtained.

A surface water and groundwater monitoring program was prepared for monitoring of both shallow groundwater and surface water and to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed remedial actions, including both properly capping the waste outside the wall and he installation of the new cover system for the overall site redevelopment.