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Schalks Crossing Rd. Intersection – Plainsboro

Schalks Crossing Rd. Intersection – Plainsboro Village Center

The Township of Plainsboro is located in southern Middlesex County and is bounded by the township of South Brunswick to the north, by the Township of Cranbury to the east, the Township of Princeton to the west and by the Townships of East Windsor and West Windsor to the south.

The Township's proximity to US Route 1 provides easy access to New York, Newark, Philadelphia and the surrounding municipalities of Trenton, Princeton and New Brunswick. This has not gone unnoticed by commuters from surrounding communities who regularly travel through Plainsboro Township to and from their places of business which resulted in significant traffic delays and a complete saturation of the Scudders Mill Road and Schalks Crossing Road intersection.

At the time of design, peak hourly traffic volumes at the intersection were in excess of 7,000 vehicles and were projected to exceed 12,000 vehicles by 2010.

Due to the increased demand on the Township's roadway system, CME Associates was commissioned by the Mayor and Township Committee to develop a plan to address the Township's traffic concerns at the intersection.
The final design consisted of improvements to the Scudders Mill Road and Schalks Crossing Road intersection including the widening of the approaches to provide five (5) travel lanes on the eastbound and northbound approaches and four (4) travel lanes on the westbound and southbound approaches. The plan also required the construction of a jughandle at the northwest corner of the intersection to eliminate the westbound left turn movements from the intersection.

Due to the significant traffic volumes being experienced at the existing shopping center on Schalks Crossing Road approximately 700' south of Scudders Mill Road and considering the anticipated future development in and around the project area, CME Associates also incorporated signalization of the main shopping center access road at Schalks Crossing Road in the project. The intersection was designed with a fourth leg to accommodate future development on the east side of Schalks Crossing Road.

The design along Schalks Crossing Road between Plainsboro Road and Scudders Mill Road included paver walking areas and crosswalks along the road with decorative benches, trash receptacles, decorative street lighting and signage, parking facilities and an extensive landscaping plan. The roadway widening also required that an extensive storm drainage system be developed for the project including water quality and detention facilities.

In an effort to enhance the "Village" feel along the roadway, street trees were provided along the roadway and specialized tree wells were developed to accommodate the growth of the trees within the brick walkways.
CME Associates walkway and amenity designs have set the standard for subsequent improvements and developments within the Plainsboro Township Village Center Area.