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Daniel Rd. Water Treatment Plant - Borough of Spotswood

The Borough's Daniel Road Water Treatment Plant was construction in the mid 1970's and required a significant rehabilitation project. Improvements to the Facility included repairs to the underdrain inside both ion exchange filters and replacement of filter media; replacement of the pneumatically operated control valves with electrically operated butterfly valves, the underground steel chlorine contact tank and associated piping and valves, the brine storage and make-up system, the lime slurry tank mixing system with a lime storage and automated batching system, and the failed control system with new PLC based controls. The leased telephone lines were replaced with a radio communications system between the Boroughs's various water system facilities, allowing the new control system to automatically operate the plant based on level and permit continuous monitoring of the Borough's interconnections with adjoining towns. The controls also perform automatic operation of the electric butterfly valves and flow monitoring for backwashing of the filters. Various building improvements were included such as replacement of deteriorated doors, painting of interior rooms and installation of an industrial dehumidifier to reduce moisture and corrosion within the building.

CME Associates prepared the scope of work in coordination with Borough personnel and provided design and bid phase services, prepared Contract Drawings and Specifications for the project and performed engineering oversite during construction.