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Harbor Rd. Water Treatment Plant

Township of Marlboro

The Project consistd of the installation of a new Water Treatment Plant, adjacent to the existing treatment plant. The new facility was constructed to be independent from the existing facility, allowing for construction with minimal interruption to the water system and allowing for the existing treatment plant to remain operational during construction. Included in the new treatment plant were ten (10) vertical type pressure filters utilizing Greensand Plus Continuous Regeneration filter media. Each filter contains a treatment capacity of approximately 340 gpm for a total maximum output of 3,400 gpm. Raw water to the treatment plant is supplied through four (4) existing production wells located on site.

Backwash waste generated from the new vertical filters is directed to two (2) new 300,000 gallon backwash holding tanks. Once the backwash waste has settled in the holding tanks, the decant is recycled back to the head of the treatment plant utilizing two decant recycle pumps. Sludge drawdown is performed periodically based on sludge settlement in the holding tanks. Drawdown of the sludge is directed to a new sanitary pumping station for transfer to the sanitary sewer collection system. The ability to also discharge the sludge drawdown to the existing sludge lagoons was incorporated into the Project.